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It is scientifically proved, that natural contraception is not just possible, but also absolutely effective. Any woman, knowing the symptoms to pay attention to, can identify various cycle phases. This knowledge is a basis for true love.

Jarom Legum, Professor, Dean of Research and Fundamental Genetics Faculty Paris, France

In case you wish to get pregnant or escape unplanned pregnancy or just to watch your ovarian function (hormonal function), ovulation predictor ARBOR will provide you with a possibility of simple saliva test, taking only several minutes of your time. Using this fertility kit you will be able to identify your fertility cycle, when an ovulation is to start and what is the probability for conception. Knowledge of your body's rhythm will always help you to make a grounded decision.

The determination of fertile phase is based upon observation of woman's saliva crystallization. This phenomenon is known as arborisation. Already in 1946, a Swiss scientist Papanicolaou found out, that examination of a woman's saliva with a help of microscope can help to detect fertile, intermediate and infertile periods throughout menstrual cycle. Previously this method was applied only in health institutions, equipped with laboratorial and very expensive microscopes. Introduction of individual mini-microscopes enabled to apply this method in home conditions thus saving money and time.

Ovulation prediction kit ARBOR - is a compact scientific minimicroscope, which fits even into your palm. Its use is incredibly simple. There are no bad secondary effects or complications, associated with its use. It can be used without any additional expense for years.

Ovulation prediction kit ARBOR - was developed and made at the Ukraine's (CIS) scientific centre VIATEK, with a help of specialists from Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department at Kiev 's Medical Development Institute. Despite lately increase in microscopes use in USA, Italy, Canada, Germany and Spain, ARBOR is the only kit in the market which can claim such deep and extensive testing due to its technical characteristics - 100x magnifying coefficient and a set of slides to register crystallization pattern dynamics in time.

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